The Possibility to Establish Stock Exchange in Cambodia: Problems and Prospective

Researched By: Mr. Hash Veasna, BBA

Published Date: August 1999

It is a new thing for the Kingdom of Cambodia to establish stock exchange of Cambodia. The problem of stock exchange was not understood well from Cambodian people. Especially in higher education the stock exchange was not also taught in general. The problem of stock and its establishment are in question of all Cambodian people whether we need to set up this stock exchange or not. Whether we have an ability to create stock market or not and how does it work?

For developed countries, we have seen that those countries have their own and modern financial market in which stock market played a very important role because it will gather capital for private investment and it makes more economic growth and national budget. Member countries in ASEAN like Kingdom of Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have their own stock markets.

I have seen that most of the previous researches were conducted on the field of commerce, service and financial analysis in companies of the national economy. I have never seen that there were an interested in doing the research on the new things and benefit to national economy in the future. In doing the research we can research on what is already exist or on what is not exist, especially what is new that people want to know and understand. In order to expand the research, we should study on what is new and interested because people think that it is a good one and appreciate it valuable. They want to see what the researchers have brought up. Because of these reasons, I have decided to research on stock exchange, which our country doesn't have yet and I study on the possibility to establish stock exchange in Cambodia by looking at problems and prospective. I think that the Kingdom of Cambodia, though the constitution stated that Cambodia will implement the free market economy. Today, Cambodian Government is continuing to develop the economy in order to keep pace with other developed countries in the world. On the other hand the process to build a country with growing economy, Cambodia in the near future will set up a modern financial market in which we need to set up the stock exchange of Cambodia where securities were traded. So the research of the stock exchange in advance will provide benefit to expand knowledge of the stock exchange.

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