Dictionary of Securities Market - 2nd Edition

Researched By: Mr. Hash Veasna, MBA

Published Date: November 2009

ISBN-13: 978-99950-896-7-2

Language: Khmer and English Languages (100 pages)

Dictionary of Securities Market, 2nd, This is the 2nd Edition; the book was revised and added some words and phrases, it is a small dictionary which was prepared with collection of all related words and phrases using particularly in Securities Market, Stock Market, Bond Market and financial instruments trading, from different trade, business, finance, accounting and baking dictionaries, Cambodian related capital market laws, sub-decrees and internet sources. The securities terminologies are really new for Cambodian people. This publication is part of the first step toward the development of securities market in Cambodia. We believe that the book will contribute to the growing need of the use of words and phrases in Khmer Language from students, researchers, bankers and other interested people who are working related to the securities market.

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