Registration Requirements


To register with My Best Consult (MBC) - Matchmaking Service, consulting service, members are entitled to the following requirements to become a membership of MBC:

1- Application for Registration

- Complete MBC Application Form with Photo size 4cm X 6cm in front of the MBC Consultants.

- Duly completed application by each member and signed to acknowledge that all the information provided is true to the best of their knowledge.

2- Photos Needed

- Recent Photo size 4cm X 6 cm = 3 copies (show only face and shoulder)

- Recent Photo size 10cm X 15cm = 4 copies (two full standing body photo with make up considered as the best one and the other two are full standing body picture considered as normal one, each type 2 photos )

3- Curriculum Vitae (CV)

- Detail Curriculum Vitae (CV) one copy

- To be honest and transparency, each member is required to provide detail information about their personalities, education, occupation history of works, family information and life style.

4- Copy Identification Card (ID)

- Copy Identification Card (ID) and sign on it

In Summary:

1- Complete Application Form one copy

2- Photo size 4cm X 6cm = 3 copies

3- Photo size 10cm X 15cm = 4 copies (2 with make up and 2 for normal not make up)

4- CV one copy

5- Copy Identification Card (ID) and sign on it



Phone: +855 (0)10 88 00 95, 12 88 00 95

Skype: mybestconsult