Why My Best Lunch dating?

My Best Consult will make the lunch time to be the best place to meet for the first time meeting.

What we called My Best Lunch, it is meant that people normal having lunch with only normal friends or colleagues. So at this time they will make his/her lunch to be best by making an appointment with someone special and could be the life-long partner in the near future.

Why we say it is My Best Lunch?

  • Because professional singles always busy with their work, they will spend only short time for their lunch whether they eat with colleagues or normal friends. So they can make this lunch time to be useful for them to meet someone who he/she have most of the information before they are going to meet. This mean that they will not meet a completely stranger, they will meet someone that they know well about personalities from the introduction by professional matchmaker.
  • Because it is short time between working hour in the morning and in the afternoon, so if they are not happy with the person they meet they can hurry back to work. So it is better than meeting in the Evening for dinner meeting, the time can be prolong and it can be end up with very late at night.
  • Lunch place will be selected at some restaurants nearby the working office for both parties, so it will make them easy to travel. If they feel that lunch time is difficult for them, we can arrange the lunch time during the weekend time or at any other convenience time for both parties.
  • Such a short time for lunch about 60 minutes to 90 minutes but it really special for both of them where they can enjoy eating lunch and at the same time they can also discuss about love, life and relationship goal with each other. Within this short time period, you can assess whether you want to meet this person again or not.
  • It is just lunch but what is special is that you will meet your special someone that you have never met him/her before. So it is a great opportunities that both of you have given values to each other for the meeting with the coordination by professional matchmaker.




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