The Process


There are six steps process:

Step 1: All interested singles need to come to our office for a friendly chat with our consultants. Our consultant will explain the detail process of how it really work. It is just a normal talk to obtain an overall understanding about the service and about the members.

Step 2: After you fully understand about our process and read our terms and conditions, you decided to register with our service by completing our application form and go through and in depth interview with our prepared questionnaires with our dating consultants. Our consultant will discussed with you about your needs, want and requirements in your future life-long partner.

Step 3: After completing the application form and go through the interview process, we start matching profiles with all of our members in our database to find out the best suitable special someone to match with every one of our clients. Our matching was based on the good qualities and difficult qualities, personality, wants, needs and requirements. We use our intuition and the observation from the beginning of our meeting with each clients and we are not using computer to match, we use our human brain to select the best match to introduce to our clients.

Step 4: Our consultant will introduce the best suitable special someone to our members, if both members agreed with our introductions, then we will help them to arrange for the date. Within 1 or 2 weeks after the registration, our consultant will contact you to tell you about your best match and the reason why we think that this match is suitable for you. All information that you have provided to our consultant will take into consideration in the process of matchmaking and will keep it as confidential.

Step 5: If you are satisfy with our introduction and the match that we have provided to you. Then what you will do next is just to show up at the agreed and selected restaurant where both of you are convenience to go. It is the time that you will need to discover more about your match at the lunch time meeting. If you feel that you can not meet during lunch time, we can help you to arrange for any other times like after work meeting for a coffee or dinner meeting or at the weekend time.

Step 6: All members will fill in our feedback form after the meeting with his or her special someone by doing so we will know more better about your needs, wants and requirements. So that we can help you better in your next potential match. During the meeting with your match, you can exchange your business cards or contact number or you can make schedule to meet each other for future meeting again.


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