How Do We Match?

Detail Process:

We will meet all of our clients at our office to explain to them clearly about our terms and conditions and the detail process of our matchmaking service. First we start obtain an overall understanding of our individual client about their needs, wants and requirements for their life-long partner. We start with small talk and it is a private talk with our consultant. The information provided by our client will be strictly keep confidential.

During the interview with our consultant we will determine the level of openness and closeness of each member's mind, it is mean that we need to know what is exactly the definitely points that he/she can not live without those qualities, what are flexible points and what are the consideration points in their life, love and relationship goal.

After completion the application form and go through the detail interview with our consultant about what kind of qualities that they are looking for in their life-long partner, then we will search in our database to find someone who are similar or who has compatibilities in both good qualities and difficult qualities. If we found the best suitable special someone we will introduce to our member within 1 or 2 weeks after the registration day.

We will call or contact to our member by phone, using with other means such as Skype or other social network, to contact them and to let them know about the match that we have selected and tell them why we decide to choose this potential members for them.

After both parties, man and woman review the information that we have provided and looking at the pictures each other, if they provide the feedback with an acceptable level and have no objection with the person introduced. Both parties will request to meet each other for the purpose to meet and talk directly at the lunch meeting.

Our consultant will arrange the schedule for the lunch meeting for both parties and we will look for an easy and convenience restaurant for both clients to enjoy their lunch dating. If client find it difficult to meet at lunch time we will help to arrange for other time meeting such as after work meeting at a cafe meeting or dinner meeting or at the weekend time.

After lunch dating, members will give feedback to our consultant about what they can see and understand the person that we have introduced. They need to complete in our feedback form or our consultant will contact by phone to obtain and overall feedback and comment. The idea is that to update the clients documentation for the next potential match in the future.




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