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Q: What are the advantages of using My Best Consult?

A: On many other dating platforms, there is often no middle man to properly check for exaggeration or falsification of personal details. Even seeing a photograph of a potential is no longer truly “safe” as there is no ensuring whether or not the photograph is genuine or even knowing how long time ago it was taken.

At My Best Consult, we meet and interview every member in person. We check each person’s identification so that all our clients are protected against such frauds. Hence with accurate details and genuine romance seekers, we are able to make quality matches for our clients and ensure a safe dating environment.

At My Best Consult you also have the opportunity to discuss your dates with a consultant and therefore “fine tune” your dating criteria. The more people you meet at My Best Consult, the more feedback you give your consultant, the better we get to know you and the type of person you are seeking. Ultimately, the chances of you to meet the right person are more prepared.



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