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Q: Why should I pay to join My Best Consult when I can meet people online for free?

A: The price difference may actually be beneficial, as it screens out people who are just “fooling around” on the Internet, including people already in relationships, who just want to “check out” who else might be available.

A vast majority of My Best Consult members are looking for a serious relationship. And majority of them are educated professionals. Many of our clients are those would never use online dating as they are in good professions, managerial or professionals jobs and prefer that their privacy and confidentiality is preserved.

Our service is also very personalized. We work as an intermediary between you and the people whom you will be going on the dates with. We also provide accurate and verified information about them. As we have met you personally, we will choose dates whom we think are appropriate for you.

With online dating, you have to personally verify that the person is who he/she says he/she is, and you have to ascertain whether or not it makes sense to meet him/her. In addition, online dating can be truly time-consuming. At My Best Consult, we spend time sifting through potential people for you, so you, as a busy professional can maximize your time.



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