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The Team


We are the new team who have the same idea and believe that we can bring together professional singles to come and register in one place and we start to match them based on their qualities and compatibilities. So that we will find the best match among those qualities.

The Team at My Best Consult (MBC) is a group of professionals, lecturers, researchers and students who have the same idea of development. We believe that to find life-long partner is not an easy task because we can not just sit and wait for someone to come and love. Our team understand clearly about this matter, then establish this consulting service to help those professional singles who wish to find their true love through a professional way with our consulting service. My Best Consult (MBC) is committed to provide the solutions to all true love finders to meet his or her special someone.

Our team at My Best Consult (MBC) were graduated students and have been trained with an expert about life, love and relationship consultants before they provide service to our customers. Our team will provide our customers with satisfactory results and to find the best match for them.


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