Difference Between Matchmaker Service and Online Dating Service

In online dating, there are many people who post fake profiles with fake information so that people get attracted to them. When they finally decide to meet up, the other person realizes that the person in the virtual world was a lot different from the one in front of her/him. The rampant possibility of this practice is because there are no screenings or checks which are required before registering. Anyone can register on the online dating websites. There are some websites which do require some kind of verification but more often than not, the lines of verification are so weak that anyone can easily pass through it.

In the case of a matchmaker service, there is the point of paying for your services which is almost non-existent in case of online dating. Though you might be asked for paying some service fees for finding the person of your dreams, be assured that he/she would not be the next candidate for becoming a raging serial killer. This is because a matchmaker service does a complete background check of all their clients before they entertain them. Other than this, there are many benefits of using a matchmaker service. For instance, when you register with the agency, you will get personalized attention for developing your relationship chances. For all those people who are really bad at carrying out long and healthy relationships, this is a dream come true.

There is another disadvantage of using online dating portals because recently, they have become the medium through which strippers and prostitutes advertise themselves. In all fairness, when you go to a profile and check it out, it turns out to be a fake profile where some advertisement for escort services is provided. This simply does not happen in matchmaker services because of the various layers of verification that each person has to go through. Also, the practice of meeting everyone face-to-face reduces the possibility of that almost to a bare minimum. Matchmaker services are designed to help you in a clean and clear manner which supports no deviations. All in all, one has got to say that matchmaker services are better than online dating portals for finding the dream person whom you desire.

So many people have tried online dating and have been greatly disappointed. They left their experience wanting more. Many don’t know that there is another option available. A matchmaker service is able to satisfy the customer in ways an online dating company never could. The largest difference is in the system. An online dating service is a computer generated software assessment. There aren’t any humans involved in the process. With a matchmaker, you work one on one with a real person to help you find your real love.


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